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Derbyshire County Council Falls Prevention Social Marketing Campaign Summary

It’s estimated that in Derbyshire, around 70,100 people aged over 65 fall every year, resulting in 11,000 ambulance call outs and 6,000 hospital admissions

Derbyshire County Council is running a falls prevention campaign is to improve awareness of the risk of falls and how to prevent them.   Many falls can be avoided by simple measures people take themselves.

Small Grants are available to help local groups and teams to get creative, reach local people, have fun and raise awareness of falls prevention.

Who: This small grant fund is for voluntary and community groups, businesses and public sector teams across Derbyshire County.

What: Up to 20 groups, businesses or teams can receive up to £200 in grant funding, and for more ambitious proposals, groups can receive up to £400.

Groups can apply for funding to run an activity, or put on an event(s), or extend a current meeting/event, that will raise awareness around the risks of falling.  Get creative!  Run events, quizzes, lunches, theatre, talks, inside, outside, with existing groups or with new audiences.   You will be supported to plan your activity, receive free campaign resources, offered training and help to complete a simple evaluation to share your work.


The closing date for applications is: Sunday 12th April 2020

Application Form available here:

Example of Reporting Form Here:

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