Developing Commissioning Capability

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Course type PCT and GP Commissioning Consortia Courses
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Course length 3 days over 3 months
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Developing Commissioning Capability

The Developing Commissioning Capability course is the second module of a potential three module commissioning course for those people wishing to understand and explore NHS commissioning in detail. The course can be completed as a stand alone block of training or with the option of doing all three modules (the other courses are Developing Evidenced based Commissioning and Developing Performance Measurement in Commissioning).

The course is designed to take the learner through the second stage of the commissioning cycle – procuring services. The course looks at the three subsections of procurement and the policy context based on European Law. Those wishing to learn more about this topic will have an understanding of NHS commissioning as they will be undertaking a number of structured exercises, with support, to identify the pitfalls and to iron out the risks associated with designing services, market management and capacity and demand modelling so that the skills developed can be easily transferred back to the work place.

Commissioning Cycle - Procuring Services

Image: Courtesy of the NHS Information Dept

The training will focus on:

i)    The policy context of procurement including European Law, the Principles and Rules of Cooperation and Competition and Design Services based on agreed priorities which are evidenced based.

ii)   To design a service successfully candidates will be required to understand their “market” and if necessary Shape the Structure of Supply. Understanding the market and what levers are available to commissioners – “any willing provider” contracts.

iii)  To ensure that providers can deliver what is required, candidates will need to be clear about demand and capacity within the market – Planning Capacity and Managing Demand are key building blocks of commissioning.

Example of areas covered:

Designing Services

  • Process mapping – from the patients point of view
  • Service Specification – if you don’t know what you want how will you know it is being delivered?
  • Focus group agenda and report (patient rep on tender panel) – local services for local people
  • Redesigning pathways – QIPP challenge
  • Board presentation – governance and approval every step of the way

Shaping Structure of Supply

  • Understanding the procurement pathway – European Law andthe implications on health
  • Open Government and National Tenders – E-Tendering and being open and transparent
  • Market Management / Provider market days – format, feedback, commissioning intentions
  • Awarding contracts and keeping within the law

Planning Capacity and Managing Demand

  • Capacity and Demand Modelling – payment by results and contract management
  • Procurement and Contracting routes  – know your options and be clear about your choices
  • Communicating service change to all stakeholders:
    • Strategic Business Plans
    • Commissioning Intention Documents
    • Newsletters, Website and Press release
    • Mail shots to existing patient forums / governance groups
    • Leaflets for distribution in primary and community care
    • Decommissioning of existing service if appropriate – evidenced based

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