Developing Performance Measurement in Commissioning

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Developing Performance Measurement in Commissioning

The Developing Performance Measurement in Commissioning course is the third module of a potential three module commissioning course for those people wishing to understand and explore NHS commissioning in detail (the other courses are Developing Evidenced Based Commissioning and Developing Commissioning Capability). The course can be completed as a stand alone block of training or with the option of doing all three modules over an extended time period.

The course is designed to take the learner through the third stage of the commissioning cycle – monitoring and evaluation. To a certain degree this is the “glue” that keeps the cycle together. It is about patient and public involvement in the sense of ensuring there is informed choice. That the organisation is delivering on its duty to monitor its providers to ensure services are being delivered as they were intended (and commissioned) and to the highest quality. All these aspects are explored in detail and candidates will be set a series of tasks that culminate in their work being assessed by a mock Board to give authenticity to proceedings.  This is conducted in a safe learning environment where there are no right and wrong answers but continuous support for improvement that can be taken back to the work place.

Commissioning Cycle - Monitoring and Evaluation

Image: Courtesy of the NHS Information Dept


The third block of training will cover Monitoring and Evaluation:

i)              This final stage of the cycle can so easily be the first stage especially if you are reviewing a service as a result of patient feedback. Choice is a fundamental principle of Government and has been strengthened over recent years. Supporting Patient Choice requires there to be a choice of provider, location and time to name only three areas. Candidates will be required to demonstrate this ability to deliver on this important agenda when planning services.

ii)             Understanding roles and responsibilities and holding people / organisations to account is essential in the commissioning of services. Candidates will be required to consider this aspect of Managing Performance including risk and integrated governance issues, which ensure services and staff are fit for purpose as part of their learning.

iii)            Government has set the mantra for the NHS as “no decision about me without me” and Seeking Public and Patient Views is the focal point of local accountability and delivery. The NHS Constitution has enshrined this into NHS organisational accountability and candidates will be required to build this into their planning and examples throughout the course.

Example of areas covered:

Supporting Patient Choice

  • Arrangements for Choice – quality, location, timings and travel supported by QIPP, PROMs

Managing Performance

  • Proactive management and regular review – learn to look forward and ‘act’ not backwards and ‘react’
  • Governance arrangements – risk and mitigation techniques
  • Standard NHS Contracts – know the content and use the levers, if necessary
  • Board Presentation – integrated governance and you

Seeking Public and Patient Views

  • Asset Based Community Development – new approach for engagement
  • Organisational membership – models including foundation trusts, focus groups and
  • Awareness raising and engagement – it must be consistent and clear, its your NHS


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