Developing Skills for Effective Participation and Involvement

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Course length 3 days over 3 months
Location Nationwide
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Price £525pp + Vat
Uni number(s) SIH1005-N

Developing Skills for Effective Participation and Involvement

Over the past few years, statutory organisations have been getting better at involving users in the development, planning and delivery of services.  While nationally there are many examples of innovative practice, there is still little evidence that involvement is a mainstream activity alongside other policy and performance requirements.

Recent policy changes such as GP commissioning and the development of Foundation Trusts has raised the profile of the need to involve the public in determining needs of local populations and improving service delivery.  A renewed focus on Assets Based approaches such as Assets Audits and Assets Based Community Development (ABCD) has reinforced this drive.

This course is intended for those who require a basic overview of the workings of the statutory sector along with planned policy changes.  It is specifically targeted at members of the public who intend to join patient participation groups, wish to become members of Trust Boards or who want to contribute to discussions about the provision or quality of services.

The course focuses on the individual, develops confidence and imparts technical engagement skills.  Examples of the planned content include:

  • The policy context
  • The individual as an ‘asset’
  • Assets Based Community Development (ABCD)
  • Mapping, planning and measurement
  • Reflection, active listening
  • Negotiation, influencing and conflict resolution.
  • And others…

The content is easy to understand, jargon-free and builds upon what the individual has to offer.  The course covers the essential elements of the statutory duty to engage and involve the public in crucial service decisions along with bringing you up to date on the plans to develop NHS Foundation Trusts, the new Public Health plans and Health Watch.

The course is taught in English so an understanding of the English language is essential however, the jargon-free nature of the course will ensure it is accessible to all learners whether they are recent students or have not studied for some time.

Mode of Study

Practical application of theory over 3 taught days with available support in between days.

Entry Requirements

The only entry requirements are an open mind and a willingness to learn.

English Language Requirements

The courses are presented in English. It will assist you to have written as well as language skills in English.

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