Understanding Social Return on Investment

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Course type Short Courses
Accreditation equivalent: N/A
Course length 1 or 3 hours
Next start date On request
Price £25 - £75pp + Vat


We largely understand the concept of Return on Investment – in other words what do we get out for what we put in? Social Return on Investment, however, takes this concept a stage further for organisations that are providing valuable services within the community. SROI is about value, rather than money; money is simply a simple way of conveying value. This short course is designed to provide delegates with an introduction to the concept of SROI and provide practical examples of how organisations can measure their value. Indicative content includes:

  • Understanding why a return on an investment is important
  • Understanding the aims of stakeholders
  • Who can use SROI – where is it appropriate
  • Comparing the financial value of the social change created to the financial cost of producing these changes
  • Measuring ROI – practical exercises
  • Valuing our efforts and outcomes

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