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Privacy Statement

This privacy statement relates to the data protection parameters of Uni Consulting, Unique Improvements Ltd (UNI). The person responsible for ensuring the company complies with current data protection for UNI is the Assistant Director of Operations who can be contacted on 0161 736 9207 or

UNI collects personal data under the legal basis of legitimate interest this is because we use data in ways that people would reasonably expect and so, have minimal privacy impact. Our legitimate interest is because part of our work we deliver health improvement messages and ask for the contact details of people to follow up and find out if people have acted on them. UNI also collects personal data from people applying for training or job roles within the organisation. Finally, UNI also collects data from staff members to carry out the legal responsibilities of a fair employer. UNI will only send information relating to other services we offer to the people we collect the information from if there is clear permission given.

If at any point a person would like to have their details removed from the system, they can contact UNI and request that their details are deleted. If this request is made, UNI will delete the identifiable data from our system but will keep the unidentifiable data (the info that can’t be linked to a person) so that it can still be counted as part of UNI’s targets.

The identifiable data that is collected by UNI will be, Name, D.O.B, contact details such as email and phone number, gender, ethnicity and address and in some cases lifestyle behaviours and medical conditions/treatments.

The data that Uni Consulting, Unique Improvements (UNI) Ltd holds is either freely given or is sourced from individuals during;

  • conversations and engagements,
  • through application processes for jobs or training,
  • Via website or email enquiries
  • Completion of online surveys
  • or sourced from open public sources such as web searches for an individual’s business contact details.
Task Why do we collect What do we collect Disclosure requirement
Completing Lifestyle Risk Assessments or online survey To follow up with clients Name, Contact details, DOB, lifestyle information All information is voluntary.  Services and care will not be affected by declining to share
Applying for Jobs To contact applicants Name, Age, Contact details, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation All information is voluntary. However, failure to share name and contact details will mean that applications cannot be progressed
UNI Staff, including associates This is a legal responsibility 

To allow fit for work tests

Name, Contact details, DOB, Next of Kin, Education History, Employment History, Copy of ID document such as passport or Driving licence, Criminal conviction record if working with vulnerable people Contractual and legal requirement
Applying for training courses / Attendance at workshops To contact applicants Name and contact details All information is voluntary, however failure to supply contact information could result in missing vital updates regarding the training.

Statutory or legal requirement

  • members of the public there is no statutory or contractual requirement to provide their personal information during engagements. The level of service/care they receive will not be affected by non-disclosure
  • Staff members are contractually required to provide certain identifiable information for the company to conduct ‘right to work checks’, make payments of salary and to contact staff members. Failure to provide the required information may result in the company withdrawing an offer of employment to the individual.
  • Job or training applicants there is no statutory or contractual requirement for somebody applying for a job or training with the company. Failure to provide name and contract information will result in the company not being able to contact a person and their application will be rejected.

No automated decision-making process (a process where a computer will make a decision about an applicant, without Human intervention) will be used when processing data and data will only be kept for as long as necessary for the carrying out of the task for it was intended. For public engagements this will be 12 months after the end of the specific contract. For staff members and financial payments, this will be 7 years after the final payment has been made. For people applying for training or job adverts this will be 6 months after the training course or appointment of a person into the advertised role.

No identifiable data will be shared by UNI to any 3rd party without first obtaining written consent from the individual to share the data to a specific organisation. The Company will also not knowingly transfer identifiable date outside of Europe.

All individuals who we collect data from have the right to object to marketing, the right to have their data be forgotten and to make a subject access request. All of these can be done in writing by contacting UNI using the details below

For our projects we aim to carry out a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) to see the completed DPIA’s please click here.

If for any reason a person needs to make a complaint about a breach in data protection, then you can do so by emailing If they are not satisfied with the response to the complaint they can escalate it to the Information Commissioner’s Office by visiting for further details.


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