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When it comes to engaging with communities and stakeholders, we’re in a class of our own.

Our work has helped shape Government policy and can be found in national case studies. When it comes to helping you involve service users and stakeholders, we understand what matters.

We know what challenges you face – and how to deal with them – and can help you make the connection between service improvements, patient involvement, world-class commissioning and neighborhood engagement work.

We work with people from all walks of life, but particularly with those who face challenges and who are often excluded from things.

We believe in genuine involvement and engagement, we’re about creating the conditions to help empower people, not ticking boxes.

  • We can help you define problems and identify what needs to change.
  • We’re able to find and involve people from target communities and engage with those who haven’t previously been involved.
  • We bring an open mind, we listen to the community and support the development of their interpretations and ideas.
  • We work with participants to measure success, track progress and assess impact

To see our work in action, take a look at some of our case studies.

Engagement Training Courses:

Service Improvement through Engagement and Involvement

This is a practically based course which is delivered as a combination of taught sessions and facilitated action learning sets. On completion the learner will have gained the skills to plan, implement and measure the success of a work-based engagement project >>

Leading and Implementing Improvement through Engagement and Involvement

This module allows the learner to practically demonstrate engagement and involvement skills in a work-based project under the supervision of experienced and senior engagement and involvement professionals >>

Planning Improvement through Engagement & Involvement

This is a work-based theoretical module which allows the learner to test out engagement and involvement theory in a safe and easy way whilst preparing to deliver a practical project >>

Introduction to Service User and Citizen Engagement and Involvement

This is a broad-based course which is aimed at frontline staff in all organisations. It’s designed to help the learner understand issues faced in engaging public & build confidence in engaging with the public >>

Developing skills for effective participation and involvement

This course is designed to help members of the public develop skills in influencing and shaping local decision making. The content is easy to understand, jargon-free and builds upon what the individual has to offer >>

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