Case Studies

The challenge:

Children’s Centres in the Gateshead area wanted to gain a better understanding of the needs of users and potential users, and to better engage with local people and stakeholders.

Our approach:

Instead of approaching this as a one-off activity we supported a longer-term approach that included:

  • Developing the skills and confidence of staff and volunteers
  • Focusing on finding out what people want from future services
  • Exploring how the Centers communicated with people
  • Identifying good practice which can be disseminated widely

Over three months, we worked with a range of local people and used a variety of methods such as interviewing people in the town square using photo prompts, and group discussions. We trained parents and carers to use community research methods.
We held two learning events for staff and volunteers to develop skills in social marketing and engagement approaches.

The results:

  • Training and support for volunteers and staff
  • Production of report and tool kit to spread learning
  • Incorporation of new approaches within planning cycles and strategies
  • Involvement of Elected Members
  • Greater involvement of stakeholders from NHS services in Children’s Centre activities

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