Case Studies

The challenge:

This was a Neighbourhood Renewal Funded Programme to reduce health inequalities by improving the health and well being of older people in target high output areas.

The aims included increasing the numbers, variety, access to social networks and events for older people, increasing variety, access to and awareness of physical activity and improving access to an affordable healthy diet

Our approach:

We recruited and worked with teams of older people from five of the most disadvantaged neighbourhood areas. The teams took part in a capacity-building programme which mobilised them as local change agents and community champions. A huge variety of efforts followed, involving intergenerational work, testing social marketing approaches and strengthening community assets.

The results:

  • Six new social clubs were established, attracting over 100 members each week (total to August 2009, 5303)
  • 2081 meals from a fully sustainable lunch club
  • 9032 contacts made with older people
  • 61 community events held
  • 2849 people attending exercise classes
  • Five community members trained as New Age Kurling instructors, four as Shibashi trainers
  • 16 teams and 53 competitors entered the Kurling cup and formed a league.

The programme has been mainstreamed within the local Care Trust and the work spread across the whole area.

You can download an executive summary of an impact report here.

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