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November Training Courses

The Following New Dates, New Courses and New Venues have been released.  Booking up now!!

Introduction to Commissioning

1 Day Taster Course –  £250.

15th November 2011 – Redworth Hall, Co.  Durham

17th November 2011 – Blackpool Imperial Hotel

22nd November 2011 – Central London

24th November 2011 – Barcelo Hinckley Island, Leicestershire

29th November 2011 – Barcelo Oxford Hotel, Oxford

This introduction to commissioning course is based on the 2-day university accredited course.  Anyone completing this course and subsequently going on to take the university accredited course will be given a 50% discount on the full course price.

This course is designed to give you a fuller appreciation of the commissioning agenda and the importance of recognising the interrelated steps of successful commissioning. Whether you have an existing understanding, a wish to apply for a role within a commissioning organisation or you are a provider keen to push the boundaries with your commissioner then this course is for you.

The course will focus on the key stages in commissioning from strategic planning to patient participation; from practical application to integrated governance. Each aspect is presented to enhance knowledge and understanding of the commissioning function providing a platform for future learning and development that will assist you and your organisation.















6 Steps to Authorisation

1 day – £195

23rd November – Central London

25th November – Barcelo Hinckley Island, Leicestershire

This one day course is designed to take you through each aspect of the authorisation process to unpick the jargon and provide practical advice and insight to help you navigate your way successfully through the process.

The course is aimed at leaders in CCGs whose role it is to motivate, stimulate and create sustainable change for the benefit of their community. The 6 Steps to Authorisation training will provide a foundation from which to build the organisation to be fit for purpose now and in future years.








3.5 Hours – £75

16th November 2011 – Redworth Hall, Co. Durham

30th November 2011 – Barcelo Oxford Hotel, Oxford

Whether you work in a CCG, PCT Cluster or provide services to the NHS this CPD course will enlighten your understanding of the QIPP agenda. With the deadline for achieving the £20 billion savings forever looming are you and your organisation making a difference locally and can you demonstrate this to the NHS Commissioning Board?

Find out the latest on QIPP – the policy, the good practice and what you need to be thinking about now if you are to hit the target and make a point!







CPD Understanding the Tariff and PbR

3.5 Hours  – £75

16th November 2011 – Redworth Hall, Co. Durham

30th November 2011 – Barcelo Oxford Hotel, Oxford

NHS Commissioning ensures money follows the patient but it is important to understand how the flow of money works within the health system. The national tariff adds a degree of transparency into NHS funding but there are certain nuances that commissioners must be aware of to mitigate risk for both them and their providers.

This session will provide an overview of the tariff based system and how it impacts on areas such as capacity and demand modelling, performance management and financial viability of the organisation. If you are new to commissioning this CPD course provides an important reminder of the need for clear robust planning.









CPD Consortia Models / Clinical Commissioning Groups

3.5 Hours – £75

18th November 2011 – Blackpool Imperial Hotel

The name may have changed but not the role. Which model is right you and your colleagues when coming together to lead commissioning? This session is designed for those in leadership / change management roles within PCT Clusters and primary care charged with establishing local commissioning groups. It will take you thought the various models and provide an insight into the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

It will also touch upon the issues to consider when collaboratively commissioning with other groups and the importance of good governance arrangements.







Top Ten Tips for Engagement and Involvement

3.5 Hours – £75

18th November 2011 – Blackpool Imperial Hotel

An interactive workshop to get you started on how to engage with your patients and their communities.  This workshop describes in a practical way how to maximise the opportunities that the Patient Participation DES brings and how to consider the Assets Based Approach to Needs Assessment (ABCD) instead of the deficits approach.  Learn from practical examples of how patients can be mobilised to work with you to deliver engagement and service change.

Bring a challenge along to work on!!








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