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Launch of our new commissioning and engagement training prospectus at the Gov Today conference in London

Today was a red letter day for the company.  We were delighted to launch our new training prospectus at the Gov Today conference in London. Never has there been a better time to seriously consider your skills and abilities in today’s public sector. The conference, National Efficiency and Procurement 2011: Promoting Fairness and Growth examined the Government’s blueprint for change across the public sector.

Greater efficiency and growth are cornerstones for the NHS and in particular NHS Commissioning. Our five university accredited commissioning and engagement and involvement courses underpin those cornerstones and are for all levels from the lay person to senior executive.  We believe we are the only organisation in England who currently provides these courses at this level.

Procurement is still an unknown quantity for many but it remains an aspect of NHS Commissioning that is not going to go away. The conference highlighted the dilemma faced by many as they balance European law with social enterprise and the implications of the Big Society.  The Government is trying to reduce the bureaucracy and streamline the procurement process but at the end of the day health services across Europe are all different with the UK system being truly unique!

To keep up to date with these changes and to ensure you have the right skills for the future check out our Training Prospectus today!

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