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GP registrars call for Commissioning Training

GP registrars call for commissioning training amid the widespread apprehension across the UK about the up-and-coming changes to the GP role that the NHS reforms will bring according to a recent report by

Pulse Today report that in a survey of more than 200 GP registrars in London, nearly three quarters do not believe they are equipped to take on GP commissioning without the necessary commissioning training.

A GP who took part in the survey said “I have not had enough education to make informed choices and am planning to attend extra-curricular seminars, to educate myself”, and another said “I feel we need further training to be able to deal with the changes and to be able to implement the bill properly and effectively.”

Here at Unique Improvements, we could see GP’s would need support and training in order to take on the GP commissioning role, and the success of GP Commissioning Consortia as part of the government NHS reforms would be at risk without the necessary backup and training. Therefore, some time ago we began to develop a wide range of commissioning training courses, in partnership with Teesside University, that would address the widespread apprehensions that GP’s are currently having, from the basic “Introduction to Commissioning” training course to the 9 day “Improving Commissioning” course, and many other courses to address specific needs.

For more information about our Teesside University accredited commissioning training courses, download our free commissioning training prospectus or contact one of the Unique Improvements team on 0151 486 6737.


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