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In Leeds rates of cancer and heart disease in the population are higher than the rest of England.  A lot has been done to reduce the differences in rates but the battle is not over yet.  Evidence is clear that the earlier that cancer is diagnosed the easier it is to treat and the better the outcomes for the patient and their family.  Heart disease remains one of the biggest killers of adults in Leeds but evidence is clear that action can be taken to minimise the effects of heart disease by a few small lifestyle changes.


Who are we?

The Leeds Cancer Awareness team comprises of Darren Meade, Karen Fenton and Amy Samouelle who all have extensive experience of engaging communities, health and social care, cancer and heart disease services.


What are we doing and how are we doing it?

The team will be going out into the community talking to people in their own environments such as shops, pubs and clubs, social events as well as talking to people in established social groups.  The team are recruiting volunteers to help them spread the message and are prompting people to take up screening appointments such as breast and bowel cancer screening and promoting the use of the free open-access chest x-ray service available in Leeds for the over 50s with a persistent cough.


If you would like one of the team to come along and deliver a session to one of your groups then please get in touch using the contact details below and we’ll be happy to discuss dates, times and the most effective way of getting the message across to your group members e.g. quiz, presentation, games, informal discussions (table to table) etc.  There is no fee and the team provide all the required resources – including quiz/bingo prizes!



To learn more about this programme, please contact

Darren, Amy or Karen on 0113 8800153

The Cross Flats Room

Hillside Enterprise Centre

Beeston Rd


LS11 8ND

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